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Operation: TREBUCHET

Starting in 2494, secessionist movements attracted popular support around the Eridanus Rebels. Aiming to overthrow UEG authority in the Eridanus Star System, local insurgents undertook a large campaign of military modernization and intelligence-gathering expansion. Relying mainly on coordinated piracy, the Eridanus rebels managed to amass a naval presence of extraordinary strength and size, consisting of modernized Pelican dropships, new-generation corvettes and infiltration prowlers, along with an entire defense fleet of Parabola-class and Laden-class freighters. Their considerable intelligence force often infiltrated UNSC lines of frontier-patrol forces, determining the Earth military to bolster its presence in the Eridanus system.

Eridanus Rebellions
Eridanus II
The year 2513 saw a two-stage battle at Eridanus II; a UNSC response to the rebel overthrow of Eridani government since 2511 that involved a deployment destroyers and carriers to engage the large rebel fleet commanded by Colonel Robert Watts. The battle resulted in severe losses for the rebels, having been routed away from Eridanus II and into the local asteroid belt, but also struck at least four UNSC destroyers in the process.

A second engagement involved the 9th Marine Expeditionary Force on an operation to capture leaders of the movement, and in particular the second-in-command of the Eridanus Rebels in Elysium city on Eridanus II. The brief battle resulted in the leaderís family being killed and the commanding officer of the UNSC detachment, Colonel Ponder being demoted for the failure.

The Eridanus Rebellions saw the only deployment of a full unit of Spartan-I's. The Spartans recovered the sub-orbital station above Eridanus II. In the process they lost only one soldier and were never observed.

Epsilon Eridani rebellions
Unlike rebel activity in the Eridanus Star System, insurrectionists in Epsilon Eridani resorted in 2525 to more covert revolutionary tactics, while taking advantage of local explosive manufacturing facilities in an attempt to render UNSC forces effectively crippled.

Fighting continued in Epsilon Eridani. By this point, the war had taken over a million lives, the majority of which being civilians. A Marine Battalion is posted at the colony world of Tribute, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Aboim and supported by the corvette UNSC Bum Rush and air support from Hornets. The battalion attempts to put a stop to rebel bomb makers. Two special warfare squads, led by Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne, are involved in disastrous operation in June. Byrne's team is killed during a hostage situation at a Jim Dandy restaurant near Casbah city. Thirty-Eight civilians, three Marines, and two rebels are killed in the bombing. Byrne and Johnson are pulled from the system, and later sent to Harvest.

In the meantime, the Insurrectionists resort to bolder, more deadly tactics, such as the bombing of a luxury civilian liner in orbit over Reach.

Eridanus IV
Insurrectionist movements on Tribute reached the colony Epsilon Eridani IV, sparking an insurgency on the planet which the legendary Admiral Preston Cole was sent to put down.

Epsilon Indi rebellions
Rebellions in the Epsilon Indi System originated from a different strand of ideological dissent than their counterparts in other systems. Located on the absolute fringe of human colonial space and benefitting from extensive infrastructural advantages like largely agricultural industries and resulting social classes, insurgency in Epsilon Indi relied heavily on massive civilian and popular support, drawing sympathizers from its coloniesí working-classes and forming stable anti-UNSC organizations.

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