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Military Occupational Specialties are code designators for the job of each and every Marine,
from infantry rifleman to aviation crew chief, and beyond. The beginning code (ex. 03)
 denotes the occupational field (in this case, infantry) while the end code denotes the
specific job of the Marine (ex. 11 for Rifleman).

The MOS's available in the 116th MEU:

03 - Infantry

0302 - Infantry Officer
Description: The Infantry Officer is the front line leader of Marines. They consist of Marines
 rank Second Lieutenant to Major, and can command a platoon up to a company of Marines.

0311 - Rifleman
Description: The cream of the crop of the Marine Corps. The infantry rifleman is the most
abundant MOS found in the infantry unit. Riflemen fill the majority of the billets in a rifle
company, and generally are issued either an MA5 assault rifle or M247 General Purpose
Machine Gun depending on their billet.

0312 - Designated Marksman
Description: The Designated Marksman is a Marine with Rifle Sharpshooter or Expert badge
 that can engage targets at medium to long range using a specialized weapon and optic. Found
either at the squad or platoon level, Designated Marksmen are force multipliers. They're generally
 seen wielding the new BR55 Battle Rifle series.

0351 - Infantry Assaultman
Description: The Infantry Assaultman is a Marine who is proficient in close quarters battle
 tactics and breaching operations. The Assaultman carries special equipment necessary for
 breaching into buildings and rooms. This equipment includes: breaching charges, code splicers,
 a shotgun replacing the standard sidearm for breaching purposes, and other specialized equipment.
The Assaultman is usually found wielding an MA5 assault rifle.

0352 - Antitank Missileman
Description: The rocket jockey. The man or woman carrying a rocket launcher around in case
the unit comes under fire from mechanized or armored units. Rocket jockies can be found in r
egular platoons and weapons company's and platoon's as part of a dedicated section.

0369 - Infantry Unit Leader
Description: Marines rank Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant may hold this MOS if they're in
a command position over a squad or assistant command position of a platoon or company.

06 - Communications

0621 - Radio Man
Description: The attache from the Communications section of an infantry battalion to an
infantry platoon, the Radio Man fills the billet of a platoon's Radio/Telephone Operator
(RTO) by using specialized and sophisticated communications technology to allow the
platoon to monitor and maintain contact with higher echelons of command on different

75 - Aviation Flight Officers (Pilots)

7509 - Pilot, F-41 Broadsword Qualified
Description: The pilot of the new F-41 Broadsword strike fighter, he / she is responsible
for the employment of their aircraft in accordance to their assigned mission (generally air
superiority and close air support). F-41 pilots range from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel.

7518 - Pilot, B-65 Shortsword Qualified
Description: The pilot of the B-65 Shortsword fighter, he / she is responsible for the
employment of their aircraft in accordance with their assigned mission. Pilots range from
Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel.

7563 - Pilot, D77-TC Pelican Qualified
Description: The pilot or co-pilot of a D77-TC Pelican drop-ship, they are responsible for the employment
of their aircraft in accordance with their assigned mission. D77 pilots range from Second Lieutenant to
 Lieutenant Colonel in rank.

Non-Marine MOS's

HM-8404 - Corpsman
Description: The Navy Corpsman is the primary caregiver for the Marines, as they do not field their own
 Medical Corps. A Navy Corpsman chooses to be assigned to a Marine unit after graduating from their
 training and selecting to work for the "Fleet Marine Force" as their career option. Corpsmen are highly
 trained specialists in the field of combat medicine, first aid, and battlefield trauma. There are few things
 a corpsman cannot do as a medical specialist.
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